Around the beginning of July 2018 after the closing on my condo, I bought a  small Nissan truck—and after a misstep (wherein I bought a travel trailer too big for me) I became the proud owner of a T@B 320 Boondock Lite! This is a teardrop trailer and a sweetheart! A kitchen, bathroom and shower, furnace and air conditioner, and comfortable bed. Room for Gatsby, room for me!




So, less than two weeks after moving out, I went to a short, shakedown trip to eastern Maine, Canada, Vermont and New Hampshire—just to determine what to bring, what to leave behind.


left my home in Maine, off to see the world.

October 25, 2018

When is a trip a life? This trip is my life. This little T@B trailer is now my home, where I live my life. It’s sometimes not so much fun but usually a lot of fun. A lot. Why wouldn’t it be? No schedules, no constraint, other than weather and mountain ranges and closed roads.